AJ Ramson




A Screenwriter, Comedy TV Writer, Comedian, Filmmaker and Person.

AJ Ramson is a comedy writer, director and comedian from Long Island, NY. He was an investment banker for a bit, but ultimately decided that consistent financial security wasn’t for him.

He studied at UCB Theater and quickly became addicted to comedy writing. He has written a comedy pilot for National Lampoon, has optioned out three different comedy pilots, has a dark comedy film with a director and lead actor attached and has been featured on The Black List as well as The Red List. If there are any other colored lists, please let him know and he’ll try to get on it – but if there’s no color involved, he wants no part in it!

AJ loves finding new, contradictory, untapped storylines - like serial killers who want to be famous, a Michael-Scott type leader of a colonial town, or a version of Area 51 where everyone’s incompetent.

AJ loves when the extraordinary meets the mundane, like in What We Do in the Shadows, and if there’s ever an opportunity to poke fun at society, you bet your ass AJ will find it. AJ also plays intramural soccer every chance he gets. There’s a small part of him that thinks he could’ve gone pro if he stuck with it, but he undoubtedly could not have.