Chon Philip


Hey there, this is Andres and let me tell you something. See I have a strong ambition to be part of the media community, even if is in the back holding an umbrella protecting the camera equipment from the rain, I have the drive to participate in any events I get the opportunity to be part of, on the streets people say that I look like Marc Anthony and that makes me feel like Marc Anthony and I love to dance and to listen to salsa. I come from a very disfunctional family, I overcame chrons disease (an intestinal bowel disease) 5 years ago, that infection was my biggest fight ever, was surrounded by family and they had a hard time trying to help me and I wasn't sure how to communicate to them the amount of pain I suffer long story short, here I am on my feet by myself and moving forward slowly but moving. Energetic, enthusiastic, team player, I follow instructions and a great listener, shy kind of introvert, and I am looking forward to becoming a role model to other chron disease fighters, also want to help man regain their manliness by having my own podcast, but first I got to build a great career in this awesome industry. I would love to join any film making or even bring coffee to the cast, crew you name it.

Love vibes and hugs to you and those around you.