Michael Gruters



Michael Spencer York Gruters has been a character all his life, and excels at deadpan cooking and dramatic family dinners. For years he's been cooking something up, and would love to share more of his vision and talents with the world were he not in a strict unilateral NDA with Lucifer corp. He is very grateful to be granted a zombie (lesser undead) role in Trumpacolypse; it seems even Satan dislikes Donald, something about ''mucking it all up.'' I shouldn't have said that. If anyone knows a good contract lawyer please contact me immediately.

Back to Michael, he's so handsome! Ooo I wish someone would hire him for Calvin Klein. Ok, Michael started acting in high school and soon after found his way onto the stage of the Met Opera where he has carried stuff in various elaborate costumes. He's working his way through to speaking roles on film, having groaned and hissed now in Trumpacolypse he feels very ready to articulate more complex notions and sway your emotions with his vastly vivid rhetoric. He loves to write, but his speaking voice is just, oh, so, dreamy! He can sing, and dance and his eyes are like a dark storm... on the ocean... Call me, Michael! xoxo