Cast & Crew – Don’t Miss Out!

You MUST fill out this form so we know the CORRECT SPELLING of your name for the films credits! We also need info from you to post correctly to IMDB and other websites. So please fill this out right away so we can move the project forward!

We’re also asking for headshots, bios and more to create a Cast & Crew page on the website. So please fill out this form as best you can and upload your photo! We’ll keep you posted on updates !

Let us know if you are Cast, Crew or Both
Upload your Headshot as you would like it posted on this website. If you don't have one, a more casual picture can be uploaded. It's best if it's a nice, clean shot of your face. Even if you are crew, please post a picture here!
As you want posted on IMDB and generally to public. This might be the same as your real name. If you are already on IMDB then PLEASE make sure the name you put here exactly matches what is already on IMDB!
Your real, legal name. As you would have signed the release form. This WILL NOT be posted anywhere if you list a stage name above.
How we can get in touch with you! WILL NOT be listed to the public.
How we can get in touch with you! WILL NOT be listed to the public.
A short bio about yourself that can be posted online. Think of this the same as a Playbill blurb. No specific length limit but best to be short and tell of your accomplishments. An example of this can be found at backstage.com/magazine/article/steps-writing-great-bio-13225

URL to your website (if you have one).
EXAMPLE: JohnDoe.com
EXAMPLE: facebook.com/MorganFreeman
EXAMPLE: instagram.com/morganfreeman
EXAMPLE: youtube.com/@morganfreeman1480
EXAMPLE: x.com/morgan_freeman
If you're already on IMDB- PLEASE put the url to your page so we can find you and link to you correctly! Otherwise we can't link to your other credits properly!
EXAMPLE: imdb.com/name/nm0000151/
EXAMPLE: linkedin.com/in/jim-carrey-a53625194/
List your Backstage, Actors Access or other location that might list your actors profile. Click "Add New" to make multiple entries.
EXAMPLE: backstage.com/u/JohnDoe/

Thanks! We’ll get in touch soon!